Ny personal i bryggeriet

För ett par veckor sen började Chris Thurgeson arbeta hos oss på bryggeriet. Vi bad honom berätta lite om sig själv och vad han har gjort innan han flyttade till Sverige.

Chris Thurgeson - Biograpy.
Started working for Smiles Brewing Co. in Bristol in late 1997. First as a cask washer and later progressed all the way to become Head Brewer.
Smiles Brewery started in 1978 as part of the new wave of microbreweries pioneering the re-birth of cask ale. Sadly the company ceased trading in January 2005.
In January 2005, I started working for Bristol Beer Factory, a start-up microbrewery again specialising in cask-conditioned ales, winning several awards.
After 3 years at the beer facory, in order to expand my knowledge of brewing different styles of beer, I moved to Zero Degrees (a restaurant/brewpub), also in Bristol as a brewmaster.
I have a swedish partner and 2 children. And because of this we decided to move to Sweden, where I am very happy to have got a job with the famous Nils Oscar Company.